Intimate Male Waxing Cambridge and Peterborough

Intimate male waxing and male body waxing is proving popular among the men of Cambridge and Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

With large numbers of guys taking up athletic sports and events since the Olympics there is an ever growing demand for male waxing. Be it cycling, running, swimming, rowing or triathlon, there is benefit to be had from getting waxed. A hairless body moves through water easier and smoothly. It’s generally just more comfortable to wear Lycra and other sports wear with waxed skin with a reduction in itching. Some find it more hygienic and body odour is less of an issue because there is a reduced area for bacteria to multiply on. Not to mention just the youthful look and feeling of waxed skin.

But it’s not just the athletic men of Cambridge and Peterborough getting intimate male waxing and male body waxing done. We wax men from all walks of life; doctors, estate agents, retail area managers, accountants, builders, drivers, Police, Firemen, military personnel, retired men in their 70’s and even men of the cloth!

Not everyone is a toned Adonis either – we see all shapes and sizes.

Male Brazilian Waxing Cambridge and Peterborough – Back Sack and Crack Wax Cambridge and Peterborough

We’re pleased to be bringing this service to Cambridge and Peterborough.

Intimate male waxing cambridge.

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