Male Waxing and Sugaring

What kind of guys are getting their hair removed?

The majority of my clients are normal everyday people including: doctors, estate agents, retail managers, accountants, builders, drivers, Police, Firemen, military personnel, retired men in their 70’s and even men of the cloth! Today the reasons for hair removal are many: some have very specific reasons such as athletes, cyclists or swimmers enhancing their performance and reducing risk of injury complications. Body builders, gym bunnies, dancers, models and those tattooed all wanting to show their bodies at their finest. Others just enjoy the feeling – lighter, cleaner, cooler, sexier, hygienic or more confident. There are those of course who are forced to have hair removed by their partners because they can’t stand the sight of their hairy back! Men of all ages and from all walks of life are discovering the benefits of being smooth.

Wax or sugar? What’s the difference?

Waxing and sugaring are very similar but with a few differences. With waxing hair is removed against the direction of growth but with sugaring, hair is removed in the direction of growth. Wax is made from pine or synthetic resins with other additives while the sugar is made from the natural ingredients of sugar, lemon juice and water. People with sensitive skin and those that have problems and reactions from waxing may find sugaring less of a problem. I have now fully switched to using sugar (except ears and nose) as the results are superior.

Does it hurt?

I won’t lie and say it’s painless – and your first time is always the toughest. The sensation can be intense but it disappears within a second or two. It can feel much like being slapped – you’re more shocked by the pain you just felt than any continuing sensation. Unfortunately if you want to enjoy the long lasting smooth results that can be achieved with waxing/sugaring then you need to put up with some discomfort. Anyone claiming they can remove your hair from the root pain free is lying! Don’t be put off by YouTube videos where people getting waxed/sugared are screaming for their lives. They are either playing up to the cameras or, as is quite common, the person carrying out the treatment doesn’t have a clue what they are doing! I use the latest techniques and highest quality products available to maximise your comfort. It is possible to see tiny blood spotting from the hair follicle. This is more likely to happen in areas with very coarse and deeply rooted hair such as the chest and pubic area. The blood spots dry up within seconds. Following the advice below and using an antiseptic cream will minimise any problems.

What’s a male Brazilian?

A male Brazilian is a general term that refers to the hair removal of a man’s intimate areas including the buttocks, the area between the buttocks and around the anus (butt crack), the penis, the scrotum and for some, the pubic hair above the penis. It is also referred to as the “back, sack and crack”. The truth is there is no specific definition of a Brazilian and I will remove as much or as little hair in those areas as you wish.

Do I have to get naked?

Obviously you will have to expose the areas to be treated as I have to apply and remove wax/sugar from them. I will do my best to ensure you are as comfortable as possible but when you are getting an intimate treatment you really do just have to brave it.

What if I get an erection?

I see more wood than a lumberjack! It’s a common occurrence and just your bodies natural response to the situation. Don’t worry about it and I can keep on with the treatment just fine.

Out of fear of an erection happening, please don’t be tempted to “lighten the load” before your appointment! That would make your groin/butt more sensitive and the treatment would be more painful. I recommend against sexual activity the day of your appointment.

What about confidentiality?

Your treatments are your business. I do not discuss details about you, your body or your treatments with anyone including other clients (even/especially if they’re friends of yours).

Are there any side effects?

It’s normal to have some temporary reactions after a treatment, especially when you get it done for the first time. You may feel a little tender or sensitive with some redness and small bumps. Some people may show a hive like rash. For the first few days after your treatment there is a risk of tiny infections in the freshly emptied hair follicle. These infections can result in whiteheads and pimples. The area can be uncomfortable and tender. These symptoms usually subside 24-48 hours following your treatment. While extremely rare, if you have persistent whiteheads that last longer than 2/3 weeks then a trip to the doctors is advised as you may have folliculitis. The risk of post treatment problems is greatly reduced by following the advice below. Sugaring produces far less problems than waxing which is why I much prefer sugar over wax.

What results can I expect?

Everyone is different but as waxing/sugaring removes the hair from the root you should notice minimal re-growth within the first three weeks or so. Hair re-growth will start to become softer and sparser with regular treatments (every 4-5 weeks). Some people leave their first treatment as smooth as a babies bum, others may take 3 or 4 treatments to feel the smoothest results.

How long do treatments take?

Difficult to say to be honest because peoples hair and bodies vary so much. I’ll be able to give you a rough idea when you book but I always allow plenty of time for your first visit and we should get an idea how long it will take for subsequent visits.

I’m going on holiday tomorrow, can I be waxed/sugared today?

No. For the first few days after your treatment there is a risk of tiny infections in the freshly emptied hair follicle. These infections can result in whiteheads. The infected area can be uncomfortable and tender. Not a great start to a holiday! The risk of this happening is greatly reduced by choosing sugar over wax and by following the aftercare advice below. I recommend leaving between three and seven days from getting waxed/sugared to any important event. If you have a special occasion coming up such as a holiday, wedding or sporting event and you want to be smooth and comfortable for it, then get in contact with me and I will be able to advise you on suitable treatment timings.

How old must I be to be treated?

Clients must be a minimum of 16 years old to be waxed or sugared.

Are you qualified and insured?

I am Axiom certified in Face, Body, Male and Female Intimate Waxing. I am certified in Body Sugaring with Alexandria Professional. I am fully insured by BABTAC.

Male Waxing Aftercare

For 24-48 hours after treatment:

Keep the treatment area clean. Consider using an antibacterial skin cleanser. Avoid hot baths or showers (a shower is highly recommended but use lukewarm water). Avoid sunbathing, using tanning beds or applying fake/spray tans. Use sunblock on any exposed areas. Avoid activity that may cause heat or friction such as playing sports, going to the gym, swimming, using saunas, steam rooms or hot tubs. Avoid scratching or unnecessarily touching treated areas. Wear clean loose fitting clothes and be cautious of things like bags and backpacks rubbing treated areas. Avoid applying deodorants or perfumes to treated areas. Avoid sexual activity after an intimate wax. Apply an antiseptic cream or spray regularly to the treated area. Always wash your hands before applying any product. After an intimate treatment, take extra care cleaning yourself after using the toilet and re-apply the antiseptic cream I provide.

On going aftercare:

Moisturise the area daily to keep the skin supple and help new hairs grow through easily.
Starting a few days after your treatment, gently exfoliate the skin up to 3 times a week using a body mitt, brush or scrub.

Is there anything I should do before treatment?

Hair needs to be a few mm long before it can be successfully removed. Do not shave for at least three weeks prior to your treatment. Hair removal can be more comfortable if the hair is not too long. You could trim your hair down to about 1 cm (grade 3 on average hair clipper) before your treatment but no shorter. Allow at least 3 weeks between treatments. Avoid working out or strenuous activity a couple of hours before hand. No sunbathing, sun beds or heat treatments for 24 hours beforehand. No oils, body lotions or moisturisers to be applied on the day of the appointment. Gently exfoliate the skin for a few days before treatment but not on the day before or day of treatment. No chemical exfoliates (AHA and BHA products) to be used for 48 hours before treatment. To minimise the chance of infection, pimples and discomfort it would be an idea to bring clean clothes to wear immediately after your treatment. A clean t-shirt for an upper body (back, chest and shoulders), clean trousers for a legs and clean underwear for intimate.

Please be freshly showered. If this is not possible wet wipes will be provided for you to freshen up.

Are there any reasons you would not treat someone?

I am unable to wax/sugar you if: The treatment area is sun burnt or other wise injured. You have you used Roaccutane or other skin thinning medication in last 6 months. You have used steroid creams long term on the treatment area within the last 3 months. You have diabetes that is not under control by either diet or medication. You have any skin disorders, infections or STIs in the treatment areas (e.g. eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, etc). You are you using vitamin A skin care, glycolic acid or other AHA or BHA products on the treatment area.

Prices stated are the most you could pay and may be reduced depending on amount of hair removed

Discounts maybe given when you have multiple areas treated

None of the combination treatment areas are set in stone and can be altered to suit your requirements

I may require new customers to prepay for certain treatments

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have

Male Waxing Prices

Chest & Abs40
Back - inc. shoulders, tops of arms & blend into buttocks40
Torso - chest, abs & back70
Hands - inc. fingers20
Forearms - inc. hands30
Upper Arms - elbow to shoulder30
Full Arms - upper & lower40
Under Arms20
Feet - inc. toes20
Half Leg - upper or lower40
Full Leg - inc. feet & speedo line70
Nostrils & Ears30

Intimate Male Waxing Prices

Speedo Line40
Butt Cheeks40
Butt Crack40
Full Butt - cheeks & crack50
Groin - penis, scrotum, speedo line & pubic hair (removed or shaped)50
Brazilian - groin & full butt70
Combo Treatments
Full Butt & Full Back80
Full Butt & Full Legs100
Brazilian & Full Legs110
Brazilian & Torso110
Arms & Torso90
Arms & Back70
Back, Sack & Crack - brazilian & back 90
Full Body - shoulders to feet WITHOUT brazilian150
Full body - shoulders to feet WITH brazilian190

Clipping of body hair is an option for those who don’t fancy full hair removal. This can also be used in conjunction with waxing to give a natural blending between regions. Prices for stand alone clipping treatments are the same as waxing/sugaring treatments with a small discount but prices for clipping are significantly discounted when combined with waxing/sugaring. Some treatment areas (namely scrotum and crack) are not suitable for clipping.